Border Gateway Protocol

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) CNF provides routing & reachability functionality. BGP-CNF is based on GoBGP - an open-source BGP implementation and Ligato control/management plane. Supports VPP-based BGP endpoint configuration to connect to BGP peers (i.e. every peer has its own VPP interface)

Our BGP can act as a standard BGP server (full-mesh topology) or as a route reflector with client & non-client peers. Endpoint connection uses ACL-based Xconnect (a solution by


  • Full-featured BGP server(eBGP, iBGP)

  • Available for IPv4 and/or IPv6

  • Real-time Peer state monitoring & VPP route updates

  • BGP config-state exposed via HTTP server

  • Bi-directional Forwarding Detection (BFD)