StoneWork is a high-performance, all-(CNFs)-in-one network solution.

Thanks to its modular architecture, StoneWork dynamically integrates all CNFs from our portfolio. A configuration-dependent startup of modules, provides feature-rich control plane capabilities by preserving a single, high-performance data-plane.

This way, StoneWork achieves the best-possible resource utilization, unified declarative configuration, and re-use of data paths for packet punting between cloud-native network functions. Due to utilizing the VPP data plane and container orchestration, StoneWork shows excellent performance, both in cloud and bare-metal deployments.


  • Supported platforms: Linux

  • Management agent built on VPP-based data plane

  • Simple Management

  • Unified, declarative configuration mechanism

  • [New!] IS-IS Protocol Support

  • Extendability & Modularity

  • Suitable for both cloud and bare-metal deployments

    Northbound APIs are modeled with Protocol Buffer and accessible over gRPC, REST, K8s CRD or through a key-value DB (etcd, redis, etc.)

  • Networking Features

  • High-Performance Drivers (DPDK, RDMA, virtio)

  • Routing, Switching

  • Tunneling (VXLAN, GRE, IP-IP)

  • ACL-Based Filtering & Routing

  • NAT44 & NAT64

  • Segment Routing

  • VPN (Wireguard®, IPSec)

  • Bridge Domains, VRFs (Multi-Tenancy)
  • Management Features

    A programmable, protobuf-modelled Northbound API, which makes Config & State Data Management:

  • Lightweight
  • Transport-Agnostic
  • Language-Neutral

    Accessed via a variety of technologies:

  • key-value stores (ETCD, Redis, Bolt)
  • Kubernetes CRD
  • Message Brokers (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

    Dynamically extensible (at run-time) with additional features provided by CNFs from our portfolio