Cloud-Native Network Functions provides you with all that is neccessary, to boost your business into the skies with our CNF's.

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What are CNF's?

CNF (Cloud-Native Network Function) is a software implementation of a network function, traditionally performed on a physical device (e.g. IPv4/v6 router, L2 switch, VPN gateway, firewall), but built and deployed in a cloud-native way:

  • • Built & packaged into Docker container as a networking microservice
  • • Ready to be deployed & orchestrated by Kubernetes in private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • • Manageable via cloud-native APIs
  • • Ready to be chained with other CNFs to form more complex networking functions

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Customized for your needs

We provide potential clients with commercial support and customization of our existing CNF's. We can as well create custom CNFs, suited for your requirements.

Customized CNFs

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