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  • [Video] Container Network Function Demo

    We will be demonstrating the functionality of three CNF’s developed by DHCP, NAT44 & ACL. All of these cloud-native functions run on top of a Kubernetes cluster, deployed with Contiv / VPP CNI. The demo represents a use-case, where a private customer network provides its client with dynamic, on-demand network services.

  • [What Is] Cloud-Native and its future

    The methodology of cloud-native enables applications, as we know them, to function in a cloud environment and utilize it to the fullest. But what does the cloud offer, that wasn’t here before?

  • is Cloud-Native Ready, are you?, at its core, manages network devices in a virtualized network. It is therefore crucial, that it works as a robust, and at the same time, stable tool. When deployed in modern networks, itself can not guarantee stability and an error-free network.